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The Most Professional Front Replace LED Module
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Recently, we found that VERYPIXEL's representative product VP-Smartile series due to functional design and product positioning in line with industry trends, leading some competitors to steal our website product images. We deeply regret this, and remind customers for our LED display products.


verypixel front service LED module images were stolen


Although the images were stolen, they did not completely remove our watermark.


VP-Smartile series is an independent research and development front service LED display module by VERYPIXEL. Fast installation, front maintenance and compatibility of many pixel pitch modules. For now, our module is compatible with a variety of modules from SMD outdoor PH6.6, to DIP outdoor PH20,and our product line is still in the process of upgrading. Our original products, fast-lock or the bottom shell are printed ””.

VP-Smartile Video


VP-Smartile Series

Front Service Display Applications

We hope consumer identify VERYPIXEL when you’re in the purchase of front service LED display module, VERYPIXEL assure you that we are the most professional manufacturer of front service LED display module products and we make quality assurance for every customers.

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