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VERYPIXEL Fastile-I8 front service indoor LED display Shine on STAR PRINCESS CRUISE
Data:2014/12/15 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin
Tag: LED stage background display, front service LED indoor display, STAR PRINCESS CRUISE, indoor stage background, stage rental LED video wall

This 22m*5m VP-Fastile-I8 LED video wall is Verypixel's 5th perfect project in PRINCESS CRUISE, our front service LED indoor display series is the most suitable for the indoor stage background.




Hollowed out mask design make the LED stage background display more thinner and more lighter, this is certainly an important advantage of stage rental LED video wall.


Hollowed out mask design for LED indoor stage background display


Fast assembling components that VP-Fastilel LED stage background display uniqued, greatly enhance the work efficiency of the stage setting.




Front access design allows making any LED panels available from the front side, which is suitable for some special locations where there is no more space for rear maintenance. It can also help to save a lot of spaces.




Excellent imaging technology, make our LED stage background display shows the most perfect image display effect.


VP-Fastile series indoor front service LED display

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