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"Industrial robot" breakthrough screen bound power LED screen into the 3D Era
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roboscreens LED display screen


RoboScreen refers to a variety of entertainment robot technology, LED screen huge mobile video use industrial robots bring people a refreshing effect with new live stage performances.



rci two70 show night LES display screens


This revolutionary robot won the "Robot Andy"  title for it's inventor flessas, even on the "Discovery Channel" column.



Quantum of the Seas Cruise Two70


Jon Bon Jovi is the first person who use the "Robot Andy", he used this new flessas invention in 2011 when toured USA. On touring, these  unit price $500,000 robots were surrounding with the screen and rotated with stage as a whole,you can even let Jon Bon Jovi going through from the screen.



roboscreens stage on bon jovi 2011  toured USA



At present, this technology is tending mature, VERYPIXEL Fastile series front service indoor LED display have already are perfect compatibility with the robotic arms.and the quality of our products as well as companies such as Daktronics.




Nick Weir, VP of Entertainment at RCI, did make a presentation and demo of the RoboScreens at Two70° Entertainment Showcase at the Quantum of the Seas Maiden Voyage November 2 to 10, 2014.


A RoboScreen is a graphical screen mounted to the arm of an ABB articulated arm robot, which creates a unique viewer experience by bringing virtually unlimited, 6-axis movement to the video media.


Available in various sizes, the Two70° RoboScreens feature six ABB IRB 6620 robots, each holding a 100” diagonal LED screen. Housed in the ceiling while not in use, during shows in Two70° the RoboScreens will extend down on the gantry to a position above the stage, displaying unique video and imagery while performing choreographed movements, all custom produced for the specific performance.


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