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GE developed PFS phosphor can improve LED image quality greatly
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GE announced that the company can achieve a technological breakthrough that can improve color and clarity for mobile phones, tablet, TV, display and other devices that used LED significantly.


The scientists of GE Lighting and GE Global Research developed a new phosphor, when encapsulate this phosphor in LED, it can improve the image quality of LED electronic products to a new level. This patented solution uses PFS mixed with manganese as red emitter silicon, and added in LED devices. Compared with the top nitride phosphor, the PFS phosphor can produce cleaner and more realistic reddish, thus reducing color bleed, and resulting in richer colors.


PFS phosphor LED display


GE Global Research Center materials scientists, phosphor business leaders Anant Setlur said: “Backlit displays consist of an array of LEDs fed into a wave guide to filter out red, green, and blue. In most of the devices you see on the market today, the red component in the LED is low quality, causing greens to look yellowish; this negatively impacts the overall picture quality. What we’ve achieved here allows for more natural color in consumer electronics. The difference in picture quality is stunning.”


GE Ventures has licensed the patent to Sharp and Nichia Corporation, the two companies will produce and package LEDs that contain PFS phosphor materials, which are used for various LCD backlight and LED display. In fact, several display companies recently has launched tablets and Smartphones contain such LED which authorized by the two manufacturers. Mike Petracci, General Manager of Licensing, GE Ventures, said, “Sharp and Nichia are world-class leaders in the design and sale of LEDs and we are pleased to bring this breakthrough to market.”


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