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Instructions of 3G standard

Controller type 3G type 3G standard Frequency Countries and areas 3G label
A31W-E WCDMA-E WCDMA 3G: 900/2100MHz
GPRS: 850/900/1800
/1900 MHz
Europe, Oceania, Africa,
Asia (except type J)
A31W-A WCDMA-A WCDMA 3G: 850/1900MHz
GPRS: 850/900/1800
/1900 MHz
North and south America:
United States, Canada,
Mexicoand so on
A31W-J WCDMA-J WCDMA 3G: 850(800)/2100MHz
GPRS: 850/900/1800
/1900 MHz
Japan, Thailand, Israel, Philippines,
brazil and so on.
3G: 800/1900MHz China telecom WCDMA-EVDO


1. A-series controller (A10, A20 and A31)
2. 2G/3G SIM card
3. ATTENTION: when plug in or out SIM card, need to power off for controller in advance!!



1. LedEditorV9 (LATEST VERSION on )
2. LedSet2.0 software
3. User name: this is xixun’s work; we will apply a user name for each customer
Default password is 888.


Systematic principle:

1.Controller gets access to internet via ADSL, wireless 3G or GPRS.
2.Customer PC accessing to internet could control his cards in remote places.
3.Led data server center works as a hub, exchanging information of controller and LED editor.
4.Data trends: LED editor sending data to LED data server center, server will transfer data to led controller. After receiving data, led controller will send a respond message to led data server center. Finally, led data center feeback this respond message to LED editor.


Connection diagram:

3G wireless Controller server solution for LED display screen Connection diagram


Operations in simple words:

1.In hardware setup, needs to set master name
2.In software setup, needs to login user name and password
3.After login, could check led controllers belonging to the user name and their current status.
4.Checking status or sending messages and so on.


Setup steps:

Step1, please plug 3G SIM card in A card, connect led controller with PC via LAN directly then running led editorV9 and check led controller IP address.
Click on Options hardware setup, password is 888.


XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution


Here, need to press Send button three times, please see the pictures.

1. IP address: controller IP address and Default gateway in the same network segment. Press Send button.
For example: here ----controller IP gateway
Both of them in the 0 network segment
2. Send the server domain name
3. Send the master name
4. Press F7 button here then wireless APN option will come out, please write down your SIM card’s APN and then press Send button.
Customer needs to get the correct APN, user and password information.  See picture in below:


XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution



Step2, 3G status function

After finished step1, the controller will take 1-2 minutes to get online.


Method 1 to check 3G status:
When accessing to internet successful, NET and INTERNET lights on controller will always on. See picture in below:


XIXUN 3G card for LED display screen


Method 2 to check 3G status:
Open lededitorV9 software, enter hardware setup and then click on 3G status button, a dialogue box will pop up:


XIXUN 3G solution for LED sign


If the module stage is 5, normally means the led controller get online success.
If the stage is 4 means it is not online.


Step3, please click on Options and choose Software setup
Choose the Server transfer and press OK.


XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution


Step4, click on Send to Led Sign button and then login user name and password


XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution


Step5, choose the card and send program


XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution


So far, we have completed the configuration of XIXUN 3G wireless controller Server solution


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