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Outdoor LED displays have a wide using in advertising industry. Some large-scale projects have already become the landmark sign.  Indoor LED display applications are becoming more and more sophisticated, especially in the coming future years, the indoor LED display will have a increasingly development. Small pitch LED display are tending to replace the huge technology spaces of the former indoor display.  There is great potential market in LED industry, with the LED technology constantly update, people will feel incredible when they standing in front of a huge LED display screen.


PH2.5mm LED digital display screen



In the future direction of development, small pitch LED display will be expanded in the following fields:


1.Entering into the high-end home TV market. At present, over 100 feet screen are limited by the technology of LCD TV, which can not meet most high-end customers’needs any more. Therefore, the international market has demand of small pitches LED display technologies more than before. We We make a first step prediction that small pitch LED display technology effective in more than 60 billion market space in the field of global. Entering into this area are still need technical progress, Perfect workmanship and reduce costs. At the meanwhile, the enterprises also have to make good plan of product designs, sales channels and after-sales maintenance.


2. Entering into the professional indoor large-screen display market. In the command, control, surveillance , video conferencing , studio and other professional indoor large screen display applications, small LED displays are tending to replace DLP rear projection display technology, LCD / Plasma splicing technology , and projectors and projection fusion technology.


3.Access in the field of education and business meetings. Business meetings display applications including conferences and small meetings. The former parliament as the venue, hotels, enterprises and institutions, such as the large conference room more than a hundred venue. The latter is the index of ten small meeting room. Application field of education from primary school to university amphitheater classroom, the number of students per classroom ranging from dozens to more than a hundred.  These areas are mainly use projection technology to display all the required information. We prospect small LED display has an efficiency market above 30 billion dollars in this industry.


The arisen of small LED displays are the symbol of LED display technology officially entered the interior of various types of applications. Verypixel think that small pitch LED screen will going to adopt non-patchwork , excellent display, continuing advances in semiconductor technology and cost reduction and other advantages fast access to indoor applications in the next few years.


In recent years, Chinese market spring up a number of outstanding domestic LED display manufacturers, like Shenzhen Verypixel Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. Over the years development, Verypixel has a strong comprehensive strength in the field of LED display . They occupied the leading position for long because of the advanced products , excellent R & D capability particularly in the small pitch LED display screen R & D and production. At present, indoor small pitch LED display could be made as 3mm, which are widely used for government, military command center monitoring , traffic management and other departments received a good response and reputation.


Besides, Verypixel is holding a leading position in indoor front service LED modules at the global market, which attracted the attention of many high-end users and reached the relevant cooperation.


Small pitch indoor LED screen market is gradually opening, But it still takes times for a wide range of home entertainments. LED manufacturers have to obtain the core LED technologies to survive in the Ebb Tide. We have to devote ourselves into cost control to make it i n an acceptable ranges. Verypixel are trying to do the best and have faith in all these challenges. 

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