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We know that LED display energy saving mainly comes from the bright LED lights,the driver IC,design and structure of the switching power supply, power consumption design, intelligent energy-saving system designs.How to find the best balance for optimum energy saving effect of LED display billboard in these aspects is a must solve problem for every LED display enterprise.


It is not appropriate for us to excessively pursuit high brightness regardless of energy saving in order to achieve a better energy-saving goal. Now, a popular domestic 12000cd/m2 high brightness LED lamps are basically use large size LED chips. These large-size LED chips are adopted by most of LED display billboard manufacturers without any core technology. 




As we all know that the drive current of LED lights is in proportion to brightness of LED display billboard. The brightness up to 12000cd/m2 is no doubt to increase LED lights drive current. Therefore, high brightness LED lights are definitely will be accompanied by low attenuation, high stability characteristics.High attenuation is not conducive to long-term use of LED display billboard and it may cause some birth defects because of excessively pursuit of high brightness, which will greatly decreasing the lifetime and display effects of LED display billboard. 


Use a PH16mm LED display billboard as study case,the Technical parameter of this high-brightness LED lamps shows that when brightness achieve to 12000cd/m2, it will seriously decline to 8000cd/m2 in 1.5-2 years(Annual decay rate is over 20%). Consumers can check a few LED displays that has been operated in the same brightness  for about 2 years, you can easy to find the display brightness fail rapidly. More seriously, after the luminance reduced from 12000cd/m2 to 8000cd/m2, its status has not changed the high operating current, it will double the luminance decay rate resulting in several times faster in attenuation later and it finally became a high attenuation screen. A LED display billboard working in a vicious circle of light attenuation, it definitely can not be able to meet the requirements of long-term use.


In order to avoid light pollution, comply with environmental regulations, LED display billboard brightness of day and night are using different standards. It is well known that decreasing the will lose gray more or less, so the greater adjustment of brightness the more loss of gray. If the LED display billboard initial brightness value is set to 12000cd/m2 of the day and adjusted the brightness down to 800cd/m2 at night, which will extremely lose gray make poor display images or the brightness can not adjust to the standard requirements for night use make severe light pollution.




In summary, speaking from LED display billboard manufacturing technologies, the highly promotion of high brightness LED display billboard in the market does not really mean technology leadership but a serious sacrifice lifetime of LED display billboard in exchange for high-brightness.

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