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LED Transparent Displays


In 2012, USA investigation authority Displaybank published a report called "Transparent Display Technology and Market Forecast" indicated that the marketing scale is expected to reach $87.2 billion in 2025. As LED panels is the mainstream display technology, LED transparent screen already have a mature & stable product. The arising of transparent LED screen maked it shining to glass wall building and commercial retail window.


The principle of LED transparent screen:

LED transparent display is a kind of miro-innovation technology improved from LED strip light. Technical personnel made improvements in SMT mounting, leds packaging and control system. Coupled with the stencil structures design, which made the permeability greatly improved.


This design significantly increase the viewing area that blocked by structure components,maximum increase perspective. Meanwhile,it still have creative and special viewing effects, when you watch the screen at a proper distances, you would feel like the images just suspending on the glass curtain wall.


In the design of transparent LED screen advertising content of the picture, you can remove unnecessary background and replaced with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed when playing the black part does not emit light, the effect is the same as shown in transparent, this playback methodIt can greatly reduce light pollution, but also can reduce energy consumption, we can achieve energy saving than ordinary LED display more than 30%.


LED transparent screen through technological breakthroughs, not only to ensure the lighting requirements and the angle range between floors, glass facades, windows and other light structure, also has good heat dissipation, anti-aging properties, and ease of installation and maintenance, completely changed the traditional LED display on the glass application limitations.


LED Transparent Displays


LED Transparent Screen Features:

1. Has a high rate of fluoroscopy, ensure the lighting requirements and range of viewing angles between floors, glass facades, windows and other light structure, ensure the glass curtain wall lighting fluoroscopy original function.
2. Does not occupy space,  10mm board thickness, the display screen body weighs only 12Kg/㎡, without changing the building structure, you could pasted directly on the glass walls.
3. No steel structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation and interior maintenance make it much more simple.
4. The unique display effect.since the display background is transparent, it can make advertising picture gives the feeling of suspension on the glass curtain wall, coupled with good advertising effectiveness and artistic effect for your brands.

To be continued...

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