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LED Video Signage is a great investment,when it comes to switching to digital signage, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense to either replace your current options entirely or integrate digital signage from Verypixel. LED video signage is more functional. All digital signage solutions are going to be more sustainable when you look at them from an environmental perspective.Making these options easier to read for all customers means that these signs are also more sustainable.


Another great aspect is that you can control more than one display from a single central location. This not only ensures consistency and quality, but also means that operating your digital signage network requires minimal resources. Everything about digital solutions brings all aspects together unlike static signage could. You can tailor information directly to your audience, the season, your location, the time of day, you can mix your information in with recorded video or animation, or stream information in real-time.




LED video signage can be used in message boards to display images and video, as an information system, an advertising screen or as safety signage. We can provide displays in all pitches and sizes including curved displays and can facilitate the option to change messages as often as you like at no extra cost.

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