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If you want to buy LED display screen, you would ask the quotation for reference and make a budgetary. Following VERYPIXEL will going to give you a specific introduction of all the expenses to help you have a clear understanding in purchasing LED full color display.




1. The cost of display screen: In general, we use USD / per square meter to account the quotes. This consists of the LED types, different materials, which makes different prices. The quotation including all the chips, PCB, IC driver, power supply, iron cabinet, plastic shield all the internal cables and wires, etc.

2. The cost of controlling system is the expenses of sending card and receiving card. Generally speaking, one screen needs 1 sending card and put it into the host computer. The number of receiving card is depending on the sizes of led screen, the bigger size of the screen, the more use of receiving cards   

3. Computer is an essential facility to control the LED display, Dual-core CPU, 2G Ram, ATI HD 512M above, the motherboard should have PCI slots.

4. Equipped with 1 amplifier and 2 audios make led screen synchronized play video with sound.

5. Power Distribution Cabinet: small size led screen do not need a distribution box, it will be a waste of recourses. We recommended to equipped with a power distribution cabinet in a 10KW screen for the sake of each device runs stably with voltage and power current. It will also prevent the power source switches run off effectively.


6. Air-conditioning for heating distribution. To ensure the screen have a normal operating and long using life, LED manufacturer should have to equipped an air-conditioning for  huge outdoor full color LED display over 20sqm.



7. Multi-Functional card is mainly used for outdoor LED display. It can intelligent adjust the brightness and temperature of LED full color display to prolong the lifespan. Indoor displays are no need to use it.

8. Lightning Arrester: Using for outdoor LED billboard to prevent the screen from lighting strike. Indoor displays are not applicable.

9. Video Capture card is installed into PC to display cable TV channel programs synchronously.Customers are volunteer to purchase it according to their needs.


10. LED video processor is mainly to improve the screen display effect and function application, fully tap the value of the LED display. To solve the problems of video signal input,dealing and display.Moreover, it can complete various signals format conversion. There are many different types of LED video processor, prices are also vary.


11. LED playback software including PC system software and LED video playback software, which are provided free of charge.


12. Steel, manual installation: We use steel structure to fixed display of support and use aluminum - plastic plate or stainless steel as wrapping materials. Manual installation costs including that free steel frame structure designed drawings by manufacturers。

13. Freight charges is depending on the distance, we believe most of clients are accpetable for this.

14. Technician costs: After the customers received LED screen, they may need 1 or 2 technical support engineers to help them with the installation and debugging techniques. You just need to be responsible for round-trip travel and accommodation expenses of our technical engineers


Above are the 14 parts of LED display Quotation and we hope these could help you have a better understanding when you purchasing a LED screen.

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