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As CPU is the heart of the computer, drive IC is a key component of the full color LED display imaging, all LED display products VERYPIXEL production using MacroBlock IC, with stable product quality and better image display effect. The following VERYPIXEL for you to expose part of display driver IC knowledge:

1. How to control the LED current while using the LED drivers IC?

Customers only need one external resistor for each LED drivers to control the current of all output channels. Pin #15 is for 8-bit LED driver to connect the R-ext, while it is pin #23 for 16-bit LED driver.


2. Is there any difficulty in using Marcoblock's LED drivers if customer's original design is for constant voltage LED drivers?

Compared to the voltage mode LED driver, MBI's LED driver provides constant current, and controls the LED current easily. Customers are encouraged to use 8-bit or 16 bit LED drivers for easy manufacturing and lower cost. Customers need to re-wire the PCB board while changing from the constant voltage mode LED driver. Customers may consult with MBI's FAE team if customers have any difficulty in designing the PCB board.


3. Is there any difficulty in using Macroblock's LED drivers if customer's original design is for Toshiba's LED drivers?

Macroblock's LED drivers are fully pin and pitch compatible with Toshiba's 8-bit(TB62705CFN/CP) and 16-bit(TB62706BN/BF). There is no need for PCB modifications. Customers can use the LED drivers very easily. Only external resistors may need to be changed.


4. What are the unique characteristics of Macroblock's 8 bit and 16 bit LED drivers?

Considering the current-mode control characteristics of LEDs, Macroblock's 8-bit and 16-bit LED drivers provide customers with stable and uniform constant current. Through these drivers, LEDs are driven with the best performance and lifetime.




5. What are the main characteristics of Macroblock's LED drivers?

a. Constant output current invariant to load voltage change( :<±0.1 %)
b. Excellent output current accuracy between channels: < ±3% (max.) between ICs: < ±6% (max.)
c. Output current adjusted through an external resistor
d. Fast response of output current
e. 25MHz clock frequency
f. Schmitt trigger input for noise immunity 3-5V supply voltage


6. Does Marcoblock's LED drivers pass the reliability test?

MBI LED Drivers process severe quality control tests.
<MBI R&D => Wafer in TSMCT Assembly => Test and Verification => Reliability Test>


Product Reliability:
a. High temp. operating life test (HTOLT) (125°C/6V/1000hrs) dynamic stress
b. High temp. bias life test (HTBLT) (125°C/6V/1000hrs) static stress
c. Low temp. operating life test (LTOLT) (-30°C/6V/1000hrs)


Package Reliability:
a. Pre-condition test (TCT/bake/seak/IR re-flow)
b. Pressure cooker test (PCT) (121°C/100%RH/168hrs)
c. Highly accelerated stress test (HAST) (130°C/85%RH/168hrs)
d. Temp. cycle test (TCT) (-65°C~150°C/1000cycles, 15min/cycle)
e. High temp. storage life test (150°C/1000hrs)


Process Reliability:
a. ESD test (human body mode/machine mode) (2KV/200V)
b. Latch-up test (I>100mA)

All LED display products VERYPIXEL production using MacroBlock IC

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