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With the rapid development of various new markets arising, outdoor media, advertising, outdoor SMD and shaped screen industry performs good. Thus, the LED display has become the hottest products in the industry.With the development of LED technology and updates, many Enterprises has paid attention to LED display screen. However, in the process of using the outdoor LED display, there is still need make some improvement. 


1.Structure design
In general, outdoor led display is larger than indoor display, so it’s very heavy. For outdoor LED display screen, the first thing is the construction design. Installation structure should be taken some main factors such as wind resistance, shock resistance and bearing capacity into account. Next is considering the screen body structure, outer decoration design should be coincided with the building or install spot. Besides, considering the local environmental such as air humidity, salinity content in the air ( for some beach cities ) , etc.

2.Light Pollution
In February, a survey result did by Chai Jing called--Under The Dome aroused people’s attention to smog and environmental protection. In recent years, with the popularity of LED display screen, the concept of light pollution is also being mentioned. So, is LED screen count as " light pollution "? Let’s discuss about this question. Under the current international definition of light pollution, it usually divided into 3 categories : White Pollution,Sky Glow and Colored Light Pollution. But right now in China only have REGULATIONS for white pollution of glass curtain wall. But in consider of colored light pollution has actually make people feel uncomfortable, LED screen should belong to light pollution. Therefore, when we designing the display screen, considering the display screen of lighting pollution prevention& control is necessary.


According to the above reasons, VERYPIXEL has taken the corresponding solutions in our products.



a. Rational planning the display area and install location
Depending on the viewing angle, viewing distance and the surrounding environment, as well as the requirements for displaying content to plan the display area and location. LED display can not blindly pursuing large size location eye-catching.


b. Selection and Design of display content
Large giant screen is a public medium, there are public, advertising, instruction and so on. When we choose the display content, we must be agreed with the public demand to avoid people refuse to see it.


c. Multi-level gray scale correction to improve the softness of color
LED display adopted more gray scale levels to make the color look soft and nature.


d. Adopt automatic brightness adjustment system
Different time and place, the display brightness will change differently. If the screen brightness excessive than the outer environment, it would cause eyes uncomfortable. Especially during the day and night, luminance difference will cause light pollution. Thus, VERYPIXEL automatic brightness adjustment system will greatly help with above questions and avoiding light pollution.


For neon light and some other led products, many LED manufacturers has been devoted a lot against light pollution.


3.Low-carbon and Energy-saving
LED is represent energy saving as we all known. Compared with traditional lighting products, the  advantages of LED energy-saving are pretty obvious and prominent. In the near future, LED lights will totally replace the traditional lighting.


With the enhancement of environmental awareness of people around the world, we can always hear that Low-carbon, Energy-saving and Emission Reduction...the City Electric Taxis, LED Road Lamp, Solar Energy& Wind Energy Street Lamp, Freon-free Refrigerator & Air Conditioner, all these are about environmental protection products and concept. LED display light-emitting are energy - saving materials. As outdoor LED billboards is large, so the power consumption is also large. At present, lots of LED outdoor display producer respond to the call of the world energy organization and thinking about the LED industry's long-term development interests, they have already promoted  more energy efficient and low carbon outdoor LED display products.

Due to the brightness of the surrounding environment has changed a lot during the day and night, we can automatically adjust the brightness of outdoor LED display to fulfill the goal--energy saving and emission reduction.


Verypixel Energy-saving Outdoor LED Display

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