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outdoor full color LED display screen


When we are purchasing an outdoor LED display screen, what kind of factors should we take into consideration? VERYPIXEL here to introduce you some basic purchasing knowledge for your references.


1.Selection of LED display external protective structure material. Checking the fire resistance, flame retardant and aging resistance of those materials, whether they are god enough to put into production.


2.Selection of power supply. Choose the rated power switching power supply which can meet the practical using. Avoid the actual load exceeds the rated power switching power supply, thus leading power supply load is too large , resulting in burned or caused a fire.


3.Selection of LED type. Do no blindly make the LED screen achieve to supper highly brightness, which easy to makes device aging thus reducing the span life or aging fire.


4.Power Circuit. Know more about whether the power are distributed balanced in DC supply lines.  Learn about whether the output power are balanced when in AC power output lines. These are the reasons of power lines fire.


5.Cabinets wires. Check the cabinet wires are stock to the wiring principle or whether they are meet the safety requirements.


6. LED brightness ratio. Checking the RGB LED color are following the principle of 3:6:1. Many manufacturers use small size of LED chips to decrease the purchasing cost, which will make the whole module needs more current to achieve white balance effect. Enhance Single color LED current will lead to higher local temperature of a module. When the temperature is higher but without making good cooling measures, the modules will show inconsistent brightness phenomenon. After a long time using like this, it is very easy to cause device aging fire.


7.Cables. Checking the wires has passed the standards of <IEC60332>fire retardant requirements and also check whether the core of the cables size have adequate margin in practical using.


8.Potting glue. Checking the materials have passed fire retardant requirements standards of <ULE325549V0>.


9.The key components. The temperature of fever class key components maintained in a reasonable level after a long time operation.


10.Suite. Checking whether all the material have passed the fire retardant requirements standards of <UL94V0>.

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