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Light Emitting Diodes, shortly known as LED, is composed of rows of light strings and usually used for decorative purposes, not only used to create a convenient light source. It is quite simple to install a LED display curtain and it is also rather easy to take down if not needed any more. LED display curtain witnesses varied application in the following situations.


For LED manufactures - Many of us have witnessed show windows nicely decorated with tiny, soft-glowing lights. A LED curtain display will add class to any shop display case; it is going to attract attention on the merchandise even after hours.


For parties - decorating your house or backyard with China LED lights will enchant your guests. You're colorful - or white - curtain will compliment conventional decorations perfectly and add an intangible element for your festivities.




For Christmas - Hang a LED displays curtain in your porch or front entrance. It'll take the rest of your holiday decorations more to life.


For New Year - Year-end celebrations come on be quite more stylish by hanging up LED display curtains in the dance hall on New Year's Eve. Slow dancing will be more romantic, and waits till the disc jockey puts on a few disco tunes. Your guests will go wild!




For home decoration - Dark patios and game rooms will seem much more inviting having a few subtle strings hanging up on the wall or in doorways. Just be cautious at any time you touch the curtain led display so the bulbs won't break.


For Weddings - Numerous couples opt for lights strings inside their reception tent as well as the surrounding room. Lately, that trend has expanded, including LED display curtains to the list. It is rather cool to hang up on them, do not apply plenty of power, and aid for the environment. What else can these newlyweds request, apart from a long and content life together?




LED Media Facade is a new kind of display screen which integrated the advantages of the traditional screen-high resolution, high quality,high grey level and etc. 

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