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Pixel pitch is one of the important technical parameters of LED display. What is pixel pitch? How to use it to choose LED display screen? VERYPIXEL technical engineer give a specific answer of these questions. Please look at the following content.


VP-Fastile indoor front service LED display

VP-Fastile indoor front service LED display


What is pixel pitch?


Pitch is the distance between each pixel on your sign. It directly reflects the pixel density. These two parameters are the physical property of a LED display. Information capacity is the information-carrying quantity unit of 1sqm pixel density. The closer the pitch, the higher pixel density is and per unit area can display more information about a one-time capacity, which will be more suitable for short distance viewing. In the contrast, it will suitable for long distance viewing.


How to choose pitches of LED Display


There are two related factors to select a LED screen pitch. 


1. The viewing distance of the LED display.

Where you are going to install the screen, for how far people stand to watch the screen. This is one of a important factor for us to determine the pixel pitch.
In general, we often use this formula (Best viewing distance= dot pitches/ (0.3 to 0.8)) to figure out an approximate distance. For example, the best viewing distance of a P16mm sign is 20m-54m. When you stand in a short distance to watch the LED screen, you can see the pixels clearly. But if you stand in a long distance, you can barely identify the detailed features. That’s how we conclude a approximate pixel pitch number.


For outdoor LED display, we usually adopt P10mm or P12mm for a closer distance and P16mm or P20mm for a longer distance.


For indoor LED display, we usually recommend P4 to P6. For longer distance we may recommend P7.62 or P10mm.


2. The total pixel resolutions of LED display.

Most of videos are VCD format, the resolution is 352*288 and DVD format is 768*576. Therefore, we usually recommend the lowest resolution is 352*288, which will display a better effect than the definition lower than the minimum request.


Speak of single color or tri-color LED display that mainly used for showing the word or pictures; we may have a lower demand of resolution. According the screen size, we can choose the pixel pitch by the amount of text.


That’s why we usually choose the smallest pitches. The closer pitch, the higher resolution is which makes a clearer image. However, VERYPIXEL will help you take all these comprehensive factors into account including the cost, customer’s demand etc, which is in order to give you the best solution.

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