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Tag: LED COB and MCOB package, LED display knowledge, LED screen technologies

Most of the LED COB package by now, including Japan COB packaging technology, are based on inner substrate package, that is to integrated many chip encapsulated in one substrate, this is what we said COB technology. As we know under the substrate is copper foil, it a good conductive, but not good for optical processing.


MCOB is different from COB, MCOB technology is place chip inside the optical cup directly, and it produced based on the optics, it’s not just one cup, but multiple cups, emitted lighting just concentrate inside the chip. In order to let more light emit out, it’s need a lot of angles, that means the more light outlet the better, and light efficiency will be improved, MCOB used in both lower and high power package.


In any case, the efficiency of small-power encapsulation must be 15% greater than high-power packages, because the high power LED chip is large, and the light outlet area is only four, but the low power chip is divided into 16, than the light outlet area is 4 by 16 that is 64, so there are more light area. Anyhow we can improve the optical efficiency by 15%, MCOB use more light cups aim to improve the light efficiency, so finally have different light efficiency from COB.



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