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Full color LED display is the main carrier of advertising and information transit. In modern society, HD videos can always bring people impressive visual experience, which makes the display content will be more real. To realize HD screen, there are two main factors: 1. fully high definition video sources; 2. the display device can support HD video requirements. Here today, we are going to have a brief discussion of how to make full color LED screen higher resolution. 


1.Improving the contrast of full color LED electronic display

Contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual experience on LED sign. Generally speaking, the higher contrast is, the more clarity the images are, and the more rich color the screen it is. High Contrast has great helpful for image clarity, detail, gray levels of performance. High contrast full color LED video display take advantages in black & white contrast, definition and integrity. Contrast has an obvious affects for dynamic videos because motion graphics change faster in light conversion. Therefore, higher contrast ratio, people will be more easy to distinguish the changes on the screen. Actually, increasing the contrast of electricity LED display is to increase the brightness of the whole sign and decrease the surface reflectance on screen.

However, we said increasing the brightness not means that as high as you can. If the screen brightness over high, it will damage the screen because of overheat and over high brightness will harm to our body.  Verypixel Full color LED panel and LED lamp tube will through special manufacture processing, which could decrease the reflectivity of LED panels and also increase the contrast ratio of LED full color display screen.

2.Improve the grayscale level of full color LED billboard

Grayscale level is that the brightness levels of LED single-radix color from lowest brightness to highest. Therefore, for full color LED billboard, the higher grayscale level is, the colorful screen it is. Increased the gray level, and it can greatly enhance the color depth; Make the image color in the number of displayed levels. LED gray level has 14bit-16bit, many high-end LED products image level resolution and display effect are both at world class. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray level will continue to develop to higher control precision

3.Narrow the pixel pitch of LED full color digital display

Narrow the pixel pitch of LED full color display board will greatly improve their definition. The smaller dot pitches SMD full color LED display are, the more delicate images are. For now, many enterprises are tending to research & develop these small pitch LED advertising screen but it still need enormous investment cost and mature technology as core support. 


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