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LED display screen driver IC

It is enumerated that there are some scanning modes 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2 and static in full color LED display screen series. How to distinguish the scanning mode of different kind of LED full-color displays? Verypixel here to tell a simple way ro help you with this. The first step is to count the number of LEDs in each module and the number of 74HC95. And we also need specific analysis of the LED drive scan characteristics.


Computing Method: the number of LEDs ÷the number of 74HC595 ÷ 8= scanning mode.


Real LED screen are correspondent with virtual LED electronic display. Briefly, a real pixel screen revealed that constitutes three luminescent tubes of red, green and blue screens every kind of LED in the end only one pixel participate in imaging application to meet the obtained brightness.


Verypixel VP-Fastile-I8 indoor PH8 LED display by 1/8 scan static real


VP-Fastile-I8 indoor PH8 LED display by 1/8 scan static real


Virtual pixel is controlled by software algorithms LED to manipulate each color of LEDs to participate in multiple imaging of neighboring pixels along the edge. And then use less LED lamps to achieve high resolutions which makes it four times big than the real pixel one.


Full color LED displays generally have 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 scan, but there are some differences between them:
1.Different operating scanning methods
2.Different brightness of Electronic LED displays(1/16 < 1/8< 1/4)
3.Different quotations because of different drive IC amount.
LED screens on the market today can be broadly divided into two methods of static and dynamic scans. Static scan style is divided into real pixel and virtual. Dynamic scanning also separates into dynamic real and virtual image, their scanning modes are 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2.


For example, the module pixel of an outdoor PH16 full-color LED display is 16*8(2R1G1B), if we use MBI5026 drivers(16chips), the total used are : 16*8*(2+1+1)=512 LEDs, 512/16=32
1.If using 32 chips with MBI5026, the module would be static virtual
2. If using 16 chips with MBI5026, the module would be dynamic 1/2 scan virtual
3. If using 8 chips with MBI5026, the module would be dynamic 1/4 scan virtual
4. Using 24 MBI5026 chips, it is static real image
5. Using 12 MBI5026 chips, it is dynamic 1/2 scan real image
6. Using 6 MBI5026 chips, it is dynamic 1/4 scan real image

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