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Tag: stadium LED display function, sports LED screen, LED perimeter display

LED display as the necessary hardware of sports venues, sports event direct broadcasting, in addition to be benefit from it, it is also far more important to provide the most reliable guarantee in the aspect of stability, safety, etc. What should you pay attention in the processing of installing and using the Stadium LED display? What is the most appropriate LED display need to be chose in the different stadiums? Verypixel combined with design and its technical characteristics of VP-PRE products, we give you the following suggestions.


Verypixel front service LED perimeter display

VP-PRE front service LED perimeter display



A. LED display should play the role in the sports events

1. Except in special circumstances, it should meet the maximum view distance of 95% audience in the stadium.

2. Athletes, coaches and referees (except for on-site scoring judges diving) in the playing field can see the screen display content easily.


B. Reliability of stadium display

The reliability of stadium screens shall be in accordance with the SJ/T11141-2003 requirements of 5.10.


C. Safety precautions three stadiums, LED display screen

1. The Security of the stadium screens shall be in accordance with the SJ/T11141-2003 requirements of 5.4.

2. The screen in the stadium should be provided power alone, sand hould be consistent with the local power supply specifications. The stadium display cable line construction and acceptance must be in accordance with local government requirements. The engineer quality shall be complied with the requirements of public security.

3. Stadium screen comprise a polymer materials (including: LED module shell, LED module filling glue, PCB board, power line sheath) for flame retardant materials.

4. The stadium display should have the function of smoke sensor, lightening protection, and automatic fire alarm and shut off the screen atomatically, power distribution cabinet should have the function of overload protection, leakage protection function and fractional power function.


Stadium LED display


D. The longest viewing distances and height of LED stadium display.

1. The formula of the max viewing distance and character height is: H=k*d (H-the maximum viewing distance).

2. Every character showed on a LED display should be more than 0.2m in an independent structure swimming pool. 


E. Optical performance of LED stadium display

1. Viewing distance: The horizontal view angle of LED stadium display requires at least 150° and vertical viewing angle requires at least 100° and the look-down angle is over 20°

2. Brightness accord with standards and adjustable (brightness unit: cd/m)
3. Contrast Ratio: Under the background illumination less than 211x, the LED screen contrast should be up to 100el.

4. Chromaticity Coordinate: According to the colorimetric system CIE1931, allowing △x∣≦0.030,∣△y∣≦0.03, therefore, the chromaticity coordinate should operate between color temperatures 5000K-9500K.

5. Uniformity of luminance: The luminance uniformity of LED stadium display is no more than 10%.


F. LED stadium screens display control

1. It can real-time display scroll timing of the game.
2. It can scroll the results of the competition.
3. It can pages show the result of the competition.
4. The text content can be automatic and manual switch.
5. For a multi-functional LED display, it can automatic and manual switch the content text, images, video and carton easily.

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