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Nowadays, newspaper and magazines is dying in people's daily life, TV is becoming a decoration in the living room.Online advertising is being shield by more and more people in front of network video. Outdoor advertising being ignored and also consumer consciously or unconsciously resisting these advertisements, which makes ad industry seems to be getting more difficult. How to make brand marketing bring a lot more to the consumer? And what kind of ads will make consumers more acceptable? LED Advertisement Display with Augmented Reality ( AR ) can realize these.
With the advent of Advertising Age 3.0, LED outdoor advertising one-way broadcast will gradually giving way to " Scenes Marketing " and " Event Marketing " for it'sstronger participation and higher-quality transmission.By enhancing applications of led display technology, the advertising products and brands not only can form a good interaction with consumers via the big led screen but also will receive very fast feedback in the network spread beyond time and space efficiency.



In this background, LED display manufacturers will how to help advertisers solve the technical difficulties from studio management to led screen around management. Using connection technology, data acquisition crowd management link to the screen and consumers more effectively. And continuously improve the consumer experience under the screen, eventually LED display screen becomes an important part in people's life.


What is Augmented Reality,AR?

Augmented Reality,referred to as AR, is developed on the basis of virtual reality technique, also named as mixed reality.

It's a kind of technology using the information provided by the computer system to increase users' perception of the real world. Making the virtual information applied to the real world and also making the virtual object, specific scenes or the system message generated by computer added to the real world, thus to realize the AR. 


AR is a kind of "seamless"integration new technology combines the real world message with virtual world information. It includes multimedia, three-dimensional modeling,real-time video display, management,multi-sensor fusion, real-time tracking & registration and scenarios fusion and so on.


AR system has three outstanding characteristics:
1.Information integration in the real world and virtual world;
2.Possess the feature of real-time interactivity;
3.Support adding virtual location object to 3D space.


AR technology can be widely applied to the following fields like AD,Military,Medical,Architecture,Education,Film & TV and Entertainment, etc.


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