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Verypixel VP-Fastile indoor front maintenance LED display


Question 1:
Why some manufacturer does not follow the area of LED screen as my requires? And why the LED screen cabinet sizes are mostly uniform? I am confused, could you please tell me the reason?


Answer 1:
VERYPIXEL generally according to the LED screen size and the square measure you provided to us and then make one or two proposals(as far as possible to meet your size) for you references.
Owing to the size of the LED display module is fixed, the cabinet dimensions are based on the number of modules and design. LED indoor and outdoor screen display cabinet size can be designed according to the size of the modules.
For example, P10 outdoor full color structure size will typically design 800mm*800mm or 960mm*960mm. Because each model has a standard cabinet size,and if the LED display cabinet designs are too small, it would increase the costs for manufacturers. So LED outdoor screen case usually designed at around 1 square meter.

Question 2:

What the size of LED P10 outdoor panels? LED display cabinet designed in about one square meter, then what is the weight? Is it easy to transport, please?


Answer 2:
P10 outdoor LED display module size is generally : 160mm*160mm or 160mm*320mm. In addition, VERYPIXEL independent research a former service module size is 320mm*320mm. VP front maintenance modules are possess the features of easy installation and convenient to maintain, click here for more details.

The cabinet about one square meter of body weight at around 50KG, If your LED display is not permanently installed, you may consider using a regular mobile leasing aluminum case, which will alleviate a lot of weight. If it is permanently installed, as long as the floor can withstand the weight of LED display screen, it will have no effect on you.



Question 3:
Could you please send me some LED display monitor's training materials for me to learn, please?


Answer 3:

If you have any questions please contact VERYPIXEL online customer service or email your questions to:, VERYPIXEL will be honored to offer you quality services.

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