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Verypixel outdoor SMD perimeter display for sports


There are many article introduced that “High quality SMD technology, high-end materials, high quality special-purpose IC chips.” Some non-familiar customers may want to ask what is SMD technology?


In that case, what is SMD technology? The full name of SMD is Surface Mounted Devices, it is a component of SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ). In the early stages of electronic circuit board production, accomplished through-hole assembly is entirely artificial. After the first production of automatic machines, they can place some simple pin components into it, however, some complicated components still need to be placed by hands before the wave soldering. Surface Mount component has introduced over 20 years ago and they also opened a new era. From passive to active components and integrated circuits, eventually became a surface mount device ( SMD ) and then can be assembled by pick and place equipment. For a long period of time,  people thought that all pins can end up with SMD components package, so SMD technology is widely used in LED display screen.


In 3in1full-color LED displays, which including a 3in1 SMD technology. It refers to three different color RGB LED chips packaged by SMT technology and then packing with a plastic body followed a certain distance. If a full color LED display screen adopt 3in1 SMD technology could make larger viewing angle and light diffuse reflection surface can be processed, which will show good uniformity images. In terms of color, the spectrophotometric color of 3in1 light are more easy than 3 lamps together modules and SMD lams have high color saturation. SMD 3in1 lamps are also more easy to control the flatness. Whats more, SMD technology is always the standard technique adopted by HD full color LED screen displays.


Full color SMD LED indoor/outdoor billboards generally applied to high-end LED display fields because of the complex manufacture, maintenance difficulties and highly cost. But recent years, with the development of LED techniques, the production cost of SMD LEDs are acceptable for most of suppliers and users. VERYPIXEL have our own LED indoor and outdoor SMD( Surface Mount Technology ) signage products, which including P6.944、P7.62、P8、P10、P12, etc. 


Verypixel Outdoor SMD LED Displays

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